My name is Mr. Anchrum and I have the pleasure of bringing a new and exciting class to Pebblebrook High School. The title of the class is Music, Money and Success. We have created an outlet for students to learn about the complex and amazing world of the music BUSINESS. I highlight the word BUSINESS, because even though we love to see our favorite musical artist living the high life of big houses, fancy cars, jewelry, money and expensive, we must examine the steps an artist must take from a business perspective to achieve the amazing rewards.
In this course we will be learning about Publishing Deals, Record Deals and Touring/ Touring Support. We will be understanding the terminology of these complex agreements. We will look at actual agreements to see how they are constructed and to examine the differences to see if anything could have been handled differently. Finally, the students will create their own agreements and have the ability to share their work with their classmates AND actual industry professionals.
A little about me, I am from Denver Colorado. I attended the University of Southern California on a Basketball scholarship. After graduating, I moved back to Denver until 2001. I had an opportunity to relocate to Atlanta with IBM and I knew it was the opportunity that I was looking for. My love for music led me into the music industry. I started out managing a local rap artist, but I quickly found out that my true passion laid with the creators, the songwriters. So, I began to work with a songwriter out of Los Angeles who had worked with the likes of Robin Thicke, Usher, Tank and many others. While working with this writer, in 2004 I was offered the Director of Creative Affairs position at ASCAP in Atlanta. This opportunity allowed me the access to work with many of the people I so admired and I was able to help many writers/creators fulfill their dreams. I left ASCAP in 2011 and started my own management and consultant company where I worked with an amazing team of talented songwriters, executives and companies.
In 2014, I created the Music, Money and Success curriculum and I had the opportunity to present it to the Cobb County School system. We worked long and hard to figure out a way to introduce this to the students of Pebblebrook High School.
My goal is to help my students FIND THEIR PURPOSE and FUEL THEIR PASSION!!! BELIEVE YOU CAN!!!